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RAM SODIMM DDR5 16GB PC5-44800 5600MT/s CL46 1.1V Crucial

Crucial 649528929938 CT16G56C46S5 RAMCRU536
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Warranty: 5 years
RAM SODIMM DDR5 16GB PC5-44800 5600MT/s CL46 1.1V Crucial
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Crucial DDR5 desktop memory with 16 GB capacity. Allows for faster load times and file transfers, more responsive multitasking and stable performance.

Faster load times and file transfers

Crucial DDR5 Desktop Memory can empower your computer to transfer 50% more data than DDR4 at launch, resulting in faster load times, file transfers, downloads, refresh rates and less lag time. Due to higher bus efficiency, DDR5 technology is not just faster than the previous generation, it’s better.

More responsive multitasking

Crucial DDR5 offers 50% faster speeds than DDR4 at launch4, empowering users with extreme performance right out of the box. Even more impressive, Crucial DDR5 is optimized for enhanced performance and multitasking, not just during testing, but in real-world conditions. Opening more browser tabs and switching between apps now feels more responsive than ever.

Extreme innovation for stable performance

Crucial DDR5 takes an extreme step forward in engineering over the previous generation with two independent 32-bit channels per module for optimized performance. Designed with on-die ECC (ODECC) at the component level for long-term stability, Crucial DDR5 is engineered to maintain the same reliability as the previous generation, even with the rigorous demands of next-gen computing.

Optimized power efficiency

For improved efficiency and stability, Crucial DDR5 introduces on-module voltage regulation with a power management integrated circuit (PMIC), which was on the motherboard with older memory technologies. This results in improved signaling and cleaner power for the modules (DIMMs). Moreover, DDR5’s on-module operating voltage is only 1.1V compared to DDR4’s 1.2V.

Product Specifications

  • Technology - DDR5 
  • Speed - DDR5-5600 
  • PC speed - PC5-44800 
  • Density - 16GB 
  • Module type - SODIMM 
  • DIMM type - Unbuffered 
  • CAS latency - 46 
  • Extended timings - 46-45-45 
  • Voltage - 1.1V 
  • Kit Qty - 1 



Memory type DDR5
Capacity 16 GB
Packaging 1 module
Memory speed PC-44800 / 5600MT/s
CAS Latency CL46
Voltage 1.1 V
Official website Crucial DDR5 SODIMM
Series Casual
Memory Type SODIMM


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