The dream team of Eventus

Marko Jamnik


+386 (0)1 600 35 05

Marko is the founder, the sole owner of the company and CEO.He's a supervisor in Eventus but in a quite different role at home.A father of two and happily married.He enjoys good customers but in general he is not a picky omnivore.

Elvis Požek


+386 (0)1 600 35 06

Elvis is managing the company operations and if you have something to say - say it in his face. A fish rots from the head down.

He's making sure Eventus people are working hard and is solving unsolvabe. Happy dad to one and lover to another lady.

He enjoys bananas and is more picky at clients.

Luka Jamnik

purchasing, sales, presales, aftersales, afterparty and son of the boss 

+386 (0)1 600 35 07

Luka is a great salesman and always full of ideas. Ask him about Razer, Asus, Samsung, Crucial, Lexar, Lian-Li, PNY, Gecko, Xtorm and e-readers.

There are no problems for him just new challenges he would break. When he grows up he'll have lots of kids ...and wifes. He enjoys nuts and electric bike engineering.

Unlike other Eventus guys he graduated and is now called Bachelor of Science in Electrical Engineering.

Luka Zorc

sales, consulting, lobbying 

+386 (0)1 600 35 04

Yet another hardworking Luka at Eventus. Ask him about Audio-Technica, Sennheiser, EPOS, ESET, Socomec, Orico or Ewent as he takes care of these brands. Besides he is our salesforce, mainly taking care of web/electronic ordering systems.

He loves good music, Ljubljana bus service, his new bike and is a party animal. He enjoys parties in Balkan capitals.

At home, he is... when he is at Eventus.

Grega Popič

sales and pen spinning 

+386 (0)1 600 35 08

Grega takes care of Logitech, Wacom, 3Dconnexion and Cherry. He looks like an honest guy and he is. We guarantee he's not going to make your head spin like his pen.

For years he was working on fields of Slovenia and New Zealand, masters the production of tomatoes and onions and it's wholesale. He loves tropical and mediterranean fruits - he accepts it every working day between 8.00 and 16.00. At home he obeys his wife, daughter and son.

Bojan Kralj

king of service(s) 

Phone+386 (0)1 600 35 03

As one of the first employees in Eventus Computers (now Sistemi) he almost got the inventory number. With us since 1995 or 10 years prior Facebook. He's a master of service department and all operations.

Productive father of three and happily married.

Happy clients are his passion but he can handle others as well.

Janko Rudolf

fixes things and helps Santa 

Phone+386 (0)1 600 35 02

Janko is a master of foosball but not bad in computer repairing either.

He's fluent in English, not bad in Spanish, has good memory on Mandarin and rules south-eastern styrian when needed. He is a father of twins and of course happily married.

He loves every problem you bring to him as this is all he gets from you...

Martin Jamnik

solders & fixes 

Phone+386 (0)1 600 35 02

Martin is the youngest technician in Eventus Service centre. The main supplier of coffee, tea and milk to his coworkers. He uses noise canceling headphones for extra concentration while fixing. Proud owner and driver of a personalised Piaggio Ape 50.

Marko Gruden

making sure all is sent out on time 

Phone+386 (0)1 600 35 01

Marko is the one that makes sure what others do is finally carried out. In service and warehouse he is the master and he usually does it all.

He is the father and a son, but not yet the holy spirit. Of course, he is happily married.

He likes apples and correct inventory stock check.

Klavdija Lunar

accounting and mom

Klavdija is a secretary, a finance minister and takes care for all ...that others don't.

We have to listen her as you will if your bills are not covered.

She's a good mother of two ladies and her man is happy as unmarried.

Jure Florjančič

types, draws and deletes

Jure makes sure that our website has a steady supply of typing errors and low res images. He takes care of marketing and the look of our website and needs a steady supply of coffee beans to function.

He bikes to work, so long as there is no peddaling involved.


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