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Mousepad ASUS ROG Moonstone Ace L, Black, Tempered Glass

Asus 4711387312520 90MP03L0-BPUA00 PADASU028
BAR Code: 4711387312520
SKU Code: 90MP03L0-BPUA00
User Code: PADASU028
Mousepad ASUS ROG Moonstone Ace L, Black, Tempered Glass
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The ROG Moonstone Ace L is a large gaming mouse pad made of durable tempered glass, featuring an ultrasmooth surface optimized for fast, consistent mouse glides and an anti-slip silicone base.


  • Ultrafast glides: Smooth matte surface for swift and accurate hand movements
  • Noise-reducing design: Ensures swipes are extra quiet
  • Exceptional durability: Made of impact- and scratch-resistant tempered glass
  • Full, anti-slip base: A full silicone base provides exceptional stability and features ROG-inspired markings
  • Large size: Measures 500 x 400 mm


Type Hard
Material Tempered glass
Colour black
Size L

Product dimensions

Dimensions 500 x 400 x 4 mm
Official website Asus ROG Moonstone Ace L


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