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Keyboard ASUS ROG Azoth Wireless, ROG NX Red, PBT, OLED, RGB, USB, US, White

Asus 4711387209493 90MP031A-BKUA11 KEYASU058
BAR Code: 4711387209493
SKU Code: 90MP031A-BKUA11
User Code: KEYASU058
Warranty: 2 years
Keyboard ASUS ROG Azoth Wireless, ROG NX Red, PBT, OLED, RGB, USB, US, White
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ROG Azoth gaming custom keyboard with 75 keyboard form factor, gasket mount, three-layer dampening foam and metal top cover, highly customizable with hot-swappable pre-lubed ROG NX mechanical switches, ROG keyboard stabilizers, PBT doubleshot keycaps and lube kit, tri-mode connection with 2.4 GHz SpeedNova technology, OLED display, three-way control knob, three tilt angles, and Mac support.


  • Unique gasket mount design: Silicone gasket mount with three layers of dampening foams combine to provide an unrivaled typing experience
  • Tri-mode connection: Use Bluetooth® to connect and switch between three devices at a time, ROG SpeedNova wireless technology provides up to 2,000+ hours of low-latency gameplay in 2.4 GHz RF wireless mode (OLED & RGB off), or use standard wired USB
  • OLED display and intuitive controls: View system info and keyboard settings at a glance; built-in three-way knob allows for quick settings adjustment
  • Hot-swappable ROG NX mechanical switches: Pre-lubed switches for smoother clicks and eliminates bouncing noises respectively; fast actuation and ROG-tuned force curves provide great keystroke feel and consistency
  • Enhanced typing experience: Pre-lubed keyboard stabilizer produces less friction for smoother keystrokes and stability for longer keys; durable ROG PBT doubleshot keycaps offer a premium feel
  • Switch lube kit: Bundled essentials including Krytox™ GPL-205-GD0 lubricant to get beginners started on keyboard DIY
  • Ergonomic design: Two pairs of keyboard feet of different heights provide up to three tilt positions
  • MacOS support: Easily toggle between Windows and MacOS modes



Key localization US
Type of keyboard Gaming keyboard
Keys profile height High
Mechanic Yes
Switches Asus ROG NX Red
Connection USB-A, USB-C and Bluetooth
Wireless connection Yes
Colour white


Indicator lights ⇪ Caps, ⇳ Scroll Lock
Rechargeable batteries Yes
Illuminated keys Yes
Multimedia keys Yes


Key travel 4 mm
Actuation point 1.8 mm
Actuation force 45 g
Official website ASUS ROG Azoth
Cable length 2 m

Product dimensions

Dimensions 326 x 136 x 40 mm
Weight 1,186 g


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