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Ledger Nano S Plus Case, black

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Ledger Nano S Plus Case, black
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An elegant upgrade to crypto and NFTs Security

Keep your crypto secure and protect your Ledger Nano S Plus while looking refined with Ledger's new, sleek, design-forward accessory.

Protect your device.

Keep your Ledger Nano S Plus in mint condition. Avoid scratches and everyday wear and tear. Look like new, forever.


Discreetly Elegant.

Make a statement without drawing too much attention.

A Friendly Companion.

The pebble-like form gives your Ledger Nano S Plus a friendly and approachable touch, making it easy to grasp and hold.


  • Elevate your Nano S Plus protection with style
  • Say goodbye to scratches, wear and tear
  • Discreetly elegant: refined, discreet protection
  • Gentle on your fingers and skin with its soft touch
  • Use our magnetic clasp to open and close with confidence
  • Design-forward, subtle, satin finish


Device Type Accessories

Product dimensions

Dimensions 91,4 x 35,44 x 22,73 mm
Weight 48 g
Official website Ledger NANO Case


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