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Speakerphone EPOS Expand Capture 5

EPOS 5714708006961 1000895 VOIEPO083
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SKU Code: 1000895
User Code: VOIEPO083
Warranty: 2 years
Speakerphone EPOS Expand Capture 5
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An intelligent speaker for all Microsoft Teams Rooms (MTR) systems on Windows, with a 7-beamforming microphone array. Advanced voice recognition and transcription capabilities provide an inclusive meeting experience as if all in the room together.

No more note-taking

EXPAND Capture 5 uses advanced speech recognition to accurately capture transcription and attribution (who said what) of up to 10 people in the meeting room, even as they talk over each other. Up to 20 participants can be attributed and transcribed per meeting.

Enterprise-grade security

The voice signatures for each person enrolled in the EXPAND Capture 5 system are secured and private. They can be deactivated or deleted at any time by the IT Admin.

EPOS and Microsoft

EPOS has a longstanding partnership with Microsoft, working together on leading solutions for meeting rooms and office professionals. EPOS has worked closely with Microsoft to develop this first-of-its kind intelligent speaker, bringing premium audio to the Microsoft Teams Room experience.

Product data

  • General
    • Color: Black
    • Speakerphone weight: 402 g / 14.18 oz.
    • Speakerphone dimensions: 123 x 53 mm / 4.84 x 2.09 in
    • Connects to Microsoft Teams Rooms on Windows compute unit
    • Warranty: 2 years
  • Audio
    • EPOS Voice technology: For a clear and natural listening experience. Beamforming digital MEMS omnidirectional microphones (7 microphones)
    • Microphone: 7 digital MEMS omnidirectional microphones
    • Microphone frequency response: 20 - 8.000 Hz
    • Microphone coverage: 360 degrees
    • Speaker type: Neodymium
    • Speaker frequency response: 150 - 20.000 Hz (communication)
    • Max Sound Pressure: 70 dB
    • Communication-Audio performance: Exceptional conversation experience with excellent speech intelligibility and double-talk performance, even in challenging environments. Achieved through a highly advanced beamforming and echo cancelling system.
    • Fabric: The Kvadrat fabric is specifically selected for its resonance damping abilities ensuring highs without sharp peaks and lows with superior responsiveness. Overall this contributes to a smooth sounding system providing voices with warmth and clarity.
  • Technical
    • Cable length 1,5 m + 2 m / 4 ft + 6 ft
    • LED indicators LED indicators EXPAND Capture 5:
    • Mute indication and Cortana activities
  • What's in the box: Intelligent Microsoft Teams Rooms speaker incl. powerbox, USB-A cable, power supply unit (universal), safety guide, quick guide and compliance sheet


Device type Speakerphone
Conference system EPOS EXPAND
Connection USB-A
Microphone Yes
Cable length 1.5 m


Frequency response 150 - 20.000 Hz
SPL 70 dB
Frequency response (mic) 20 - 8.000 Hz

Product dimensions

Dimensions 123 x 53 mm
Weight 402 g
Official website EPOS Expand Capture 5


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