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Code Title Price Stock Quant.
VOISEN096 Adapter Easy Disconnect to USB, EPOS | SENNHEISER USB-ED 01 €44.95 1
VOILOR078 Headset Logitech OEM, H570e, mono, USB €45.78 ask
VOILOR066 Headset Logitech OEM, H570e, stereo, USB €49.95 ask
VOISEN278 Headset EPOS | SENNHEISER SC 135, mono €49.95 21
VOISEN276 Headset EPOS | SENNHEISER SC 130 USB, mono €59.95 ask
VOISEN277 Headset Sennheiser SC 130 USB-C, mono €59.95 ask
VOISEN281 Headset EPOS | SENNHEISER SC 165 €59.95 7
VOISEN124 Headset EPOS | SENNHEISER SC 30 USB ML €59.99 6
VOILOR067 Headset Logitech OEM, H650e, mono, USB €69.95 ask
VOISEN279 Headset EPOS | SENNHEISER SC 160 USB €69.95 1
VOISEN280 Headset EPOS | SENNHEISER SC 160 USB-C €69.95 ask
VOISEN150 Headset EPOS | SENNHEISER SC 60 USB ML €71.95 ask
VOILOR056 Slušalke Logitech OEM, H650e, stereo, USB €72.97 ask
VOISEN285 Headset EPOS | SENNHEISER SC 135 USB, mono €84.95 4
VOISEN326 Headset EPOS | SENNHEISER SC 165 USB-C €89.95 ask
VOISEN286 Headset EPOS | SENNHEISER SC 165 USB €94.95 ask
CAMLOR092 TV Mount for Logitech MeetUp ConferenceCam €99.95 15
VOISEN222 Headphones EPOS | SENNHEISER SC 45 USB MS €99.95 ask
CAMLOR104 Webcam Logitech C925e, USB €112.95 ask
VOISEN246 Headset EPOS | SENNHEISER SC 230 USB €114.95 2
VOISEN232 Headset EPOS | SENNHEISER SC 75 USB MS €119.95 ask
SPELOB008 Speaker Logitech Mobile Speakerphone P710e €134.49 5
VOISEN149 Headset EPOS | SENNHEISER SC 260 USB €139.95 ask
VOISEN261 Headset EPOS | SENNHEISER Presence Grey Business €139.95 4
CAMLOR071 Webcam Logitech C930e, USB €144.92 ask
CAMLOR087 Cable 10m for Logitech Group ConferenceCam €159.95 5
VOISEN220 Headset EPOS | SENNHEISER SC 260 USB MS II €159.95 ask
VOISEN293 Headset EPOS | SENNHEISER MB Pro 1 €189.95 ask
VOISEN067 Speakerphone Sennheiser SP 20 ML €199.95 17
CAMLOR090 Cable 15m for Logitech Group ConferenceCam €199.95 ask
VOISEN240 Headset EPOS | SENNHEISER SC 630 USB CTRL €199.95 ask
VOISEN260 Headset EPOS | SENNHEISER Presence UC Grey €199.95 1
VOISEN330 Speakerphone EPOS EXPAND SP 20 ML, Bluetooth €199.95 ask
VOISEN247 Headset EPOS | SENNHEISER SC 635 USB €214.95 ask
VOISEN254 Headset EPOS | SENNHEISER SC 230 USB MS II €214.95 ask
VOISEN271 Speakerphone Sennheiser SP 30, Bluetooth €219.95 ask
VOISEN328 Speakerphone EPOS EXPAND SP 30, Bluetooth €219.95 34
VOILOR079 Headset Logitech Zone Wireless Bluetooth €219.99 ask
VOISEN241 Headphones EPOS | SENNHEISER SC 660 USB CTRL €239.95 ask
CAMLOR086 Webcam Logitech BRIO, 4K, USB €239.99 ask
VOISEN136 Headset EPOS | SENNHEISER MB Pro 1 UC ML €259.95 ask
VOISEN248 Headset EPOS | SENNHEISER SC 665 USB €262.95 ask
VOISEN272 Speakerphone Sennheiser SP 30 +, Bluetooth €279.95 3
VOISEN327 Speakerphone EPOS EXPAND SP 30T, Bluetooth €279.95 ask
VOISEN329 Speakerphone EPOS EXPAND SP 30+, Bluetooth €279.95 ask
VOISEN135 Headset EPOS | SENNHEISER MB Pro 2 UC ML €289.95 ask
VOISEN259 Headset EPOS | SENNHEISER MB Pro 2 €289.95 ask
CAMLOR100 Logitech Rally Mic Pod Hub for Logitech Rally €299.00 3
CAMLOR080 Expansion Microphones for Logitech Group ConferenceCam €299.95 ask
CAMLOR091 Microphone Expansion Mic for Logitech MeetUp ConferenceCam €299.95 2
CAMLOR097 Webcam Logitech Rally Mounting Kit €299.95 8
VOISEN210 Headset EPOS | SENNHEISER DW Office PHONE €334.95 ask
CAMLOR070 Kamera Logitech BCC950 ConferenceCam, USB €342.99 ask
CAMLOR098 External video adapter Logitech Screen Share USB 3.0 to HDMI €351.26 3
VOISEN303 Headset EPOS | SENNHEISER SDW 5066 €389.95 ask
CAMLOR099 Expansion Microphone Logitech Mic Pod for Logitech Rally €399.00 3
VOISEN284 Headset EPOS | SENNHEISER SC 660 ANC USB €399.95 ask
VOISEN314 Headset Sennheiser DW Office/DW 10 ML EU €419.95 ask
VOISEN132 Headset EPOS | SENNHEISER DW Pro 2 €449.95 ask
VOISEN245 Headset EPOS | SENNHEISER MB 660 UC MS Wireless, ANC €499.95 ask
CAMLOR074 Webcam Logitech ConferenceCam Connect, USB €599.95 ask
VOISEN237 Speakerphone Sennheiser SP 220 MS €599.95 1
CAMLOR089 Webcam Logitech PTZ Pro 2 Camera, USB €849.95 ask
CAMLOR088 Webcam Logitech MeetUp, USB €1,099.95 ask
CAMLOR077 Conference system Logitech Group ConferenceCam, USB €1,199.95 1
CAMLOR093 Webcam Logitech Rally 4K Camera, USB €1,399.95 2
CAMLOR095 Conference system Logitech Rally, USB €2,499.95 ask
CAMLOR096 Conference system Logitech Rally Plus, USB €2,999.95 ask
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