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Trezor Keep Metal, 24-word seed phrase backup

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Trezor Keep Metal, 24-word seed phrase backup
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Protect your recovery seed with unparalleled peace of mind, expertly made from premium stainless steel.

Safeguard your wealth

Upgrade your wallet backup with for unbeatable crypto security. Ditch your paper recovery seed card— they’re risky and easily lost or damaged. Step into the future of asset protection with confidence.

Trust the design

Aerospace grade stainless steel is the ultimate choice for enduring durability. The Trezor Keep Metal is built to survive it all—water, fire, and time itself—ensuring it's always ready when you need it.

Simplify your wallet backup

The easy-to-use four-letter recovery seed entry design makes sure that each word is clearly identifiable. The first four letters of each word is all you need to recover your wallet. So when it's time to get back into your crypto stash, it's a piece of cake—super simple and straightforward.

Pre-mark & eliminate mistakes

To make sure your recovery seed is punched right, grab the included pre-marking pen and mark the first four letters of each word. Then when it's punching time, it's as simple as hitting the target.

Punch away securely

Pop the Trezor Keep Metal capsule chamber into the box for a secure grip during punching, making sure those recovery seed letters come out spot-on every time.

Seal in the security

Security seals make sure your backup hasn't been messed with while it's been chilling out in your secret hiding place. You'll see in an instant if anyone's been snooping around your stuff—no guessing games. So, kick back, relax, and know your wallet backup is safe and sound.

Protect your crypto assets like never before. Safeguard your wealth with the Trezor Keep Metal, designed to withstand the elements with its sleek stainless steel construction. Bid farewell to the hassles of fragile paper recovery seed cards, easily lost or damaged.

With the Trezor Keep Metal, wallet backup becomes a breeze, thanks to its simple four-letter entry system, reducing the risk of misreading your recovery seed. Moreover, enjoy peace of mind with robust protection against fire, water, and physical damage, essentially making your wallet backup indestructible, while its aerospace grade stainless steel design ensures both durability and a sleek, modern look.

Whether you're saving for retirement, securing your family's future, or preparing for a rainy day, do it all in style with the Trezor Keep Metal. Elevate your crypto security to a new level.


  • Products size & weight: 110x30 mm / 344 g
  • Package size & weight: 153x100x35 mm / 600 g
  • Material: AISI 304 aerospace grade stainless steel with a durable black surface treatment
  • Device characteristics: Waterproof, resistant to acid, alkali & chemical corrosion, extreme-temperature resistant, discreet design, self-encrypting
  • Wallet-backup compatibility: Designed for 24-word recovery seeds for all crypto hardware wallets

What's in the box?

  • 1x 24-word Trezor Keep Metal device: Secure your 24-word recovery seed
  • Pre-marking pen: Eliminate mistakes by marking letters
  • Punching tool: Make your recovery seed permanent
  • Security seals: Secure the integrity of your device
  • Guide: Step-by-step instructions


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Product dimensions

Dimensions 110 x 30 mm
Weight 344 g
Official website Trezor Keep Metal


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